How to best keep honey to save nutritional values

It is highly recommended that the container of honey—in order to assure yourself of experiencing minimal decrease in levels of its medical and therapeutic benefits—ought to be kept in optimal conditions where happens to be a dry place far from the reach of light and humidity at room temperature. It is also to note that the lid of the must be closed.
It is best to always keep the lid of container closed due to the fact that quality of honey may reduce as a result of absorbing moisture; it by itself can bring about reduction in quality and lead to fermentation. Moreover, if the lid remains open, odors—which are mostly unpleasant—can be absorbed by honey.

One of the salient points is to use spoons that are completely dry so that your pleasant honey faces no further fermentation
Since being directly exposed to heat may have negative effects on quality of honey, advices suggest to keep it far from the reach of direct heat (close to stove) or sunlight (next to windows). it must be noted that keeping honey in a place where the weather condition is not stable and fluctuations in room tem

peratures can be seen may conclude major reduction of its therapeutic benefits.

Packaging honey in jars made of glass, clay—coated with enamel, or hygienic steel is advised. Nevertheless, since well-being of our customers matters to us the most, we highly recommend individuals to refrain from storing honey in infelicitous plastic and metal containers. This is due to acidic nature of honey which may react with chemical and metal compounds and subsequently produce insalubrious compounds where the result of such reaction is reduction in quality.
Keeping honey in a metal container is not recommended if it is to be stored for long periods of time. Nonetheless, using metal spoons to take honey concludes no further adverse effects.

If honey is crystalized, the most secure way to take advantage of such honey is to avoid any kinds of heating. In order for us to perfect public view on such honey, it would be of our honor if you reassure your kith and kin that crystalized honey is not to be exposed to heating.