About Us

About Us

Considering inheriting over a half-of-century experience from our ancestors in beekeeping, Major production, and natural honey sale, we founded FRC (Fair Responsible Consultant) in 2019 to export to global markets.
The FRC is a renowned Iranian company that relies on decades of experience analyzing and supplying Iran’s high-quality mono and multi-floral honey with significant cooperation among committed beekeepers all over the country (+ one hundred thousand beehives) to deliver honey of the highest quality internationally. We have traveled from tropical plains in the south of the country to Alborz and Zagros mountainous heights, from hot and dry pristine pastures to lush pastures in the north of the country, in pursuit of the highest quality honey in Iran to hand it over on a silver platter to the world. It is of the highest importance and value to be accompanied by our beloved people. This help is what brings us the joy and motivation to raise beyond the sky, leading to health and, consequently, the joy of our esteemed individuals.
All the honey provided by FRC is “absolutely natural,” which means that bees are fed entirely on plants’ nectar. Low quality and sugar syrup honey have no place in FRC.
Our dream is to witness the day that cooked honey (honey that is Produced without the intervention of any bees), which has unfortunately occupied more than 50% percent of world share, be removed from the global market and be replaced with natural and organic honey that led to health and happiness for people.
We believe that Natural and organic honey is a sacred and healing product, and It is the share of all people in the world.


R&D investment, the foundation of modern BUSINESS


FRC is aware that giving greater priority to research and development (R&D) investments will help to ensure our country’s future competitiveness and to pave the way for healthy food innovation.

People surely realizes that not only is honey a rich source of nutrients but also will it bring health, satisfaction, pleasure, happiness, well-being and peace of mind. It is to note that individuals are aware of the importance of natural honey. Consequently, it is surely known that their choices play an important role in their quality of life.

Innovation has been at the heart of our company.

Each and every single day, it is our promise to improve our product to a better state of healthiness in order to best help consumers perfect their care.

Behind all FRC products is a team committed to provide safe products with the highest quality.

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