Citrus Honey

Citrus Honey

Dominant nectar plant: Citrus trees – various species of Citrus sp
Key zones for producing citrus honey: mild and tropical regions of northern and southern Iran
– Golestan, Mazandaran, Gilan, Fars, Kerman, Hormozgan, Khuzestan
Season of harvesting: March-May
Color of honey: bright yellow
Crystallization: Crystalize in six months to one year approximately


Medical properties: The Nectar produced from citruses by bees is known as citrus honey or Orange Blossom Honey with a bright color fragrant smell. Beekeepers put their hives and colonies in citrus orchards in north and south of the country. As a result, citrus honey is collected in early spring by bees. Unlike citrus honey, southern citrus honey has less moisture but more aroma. It is also rich in vitamins, especially B2, B5, B3, and vitamin C. However, it is low in phenolic compounds and antioxidant agents. Methyl anthranilate and Hesperidin substances have been identified as two indicators of Citrus mono flower honey. Moreover, honey with a high predominance of citrus fruits is significantly high in caffeine. Citrus honey—through adjusting blood pressure and increasing levels of Melatonin, is known as calming and invigorating where is also effective in providing tranquility and tranquility of sleep.

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Citrus honey