We are happy to welcome you to the FRC HONEY website.FRC has become one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of natural honey and other bee product in the region. FRC has become well known.

“Let us make a FRC world. Where there is health, there is FRC” and this is something that we relentlessly strive to achieve, and all of our efforts & activities are so dedicated to serving our clients.
Our website presents the unique quality of products that we produce, showing witness to our leadership stance. Our products are of good quality, economical, and value for money.

raw honey

No Artificial Additives

We only source 100% Persian honey and we are passionate about the quality and integrity of what we sell.
We believe that high-quality Persian honey is unique.
We are also strong advocates and supporters of sustainable beekeeping and we work closely with beekeepers to ensure good beekeeping practices.


We think that achieving healthy tomorrow depends on the healthy nutrition of our children. Knowing the importance of this issue, FRC HONEY progresses, grows and thinks about how it can serve the community with more growth.
“We know there are other valuable jobs that think serving people is more valuable than anything else, and we’re glad we’re not alone in this thought …”

Experience a variety of natural and unique Flavors with us

All the honey provided by FRC is “absolutely natural,” which means that bees are fed entirely on plants nectar. Low quality and sugar syrup honey have no place in FRC.

You dream, We build it by offering nutritious, delicious, and Natural Honey in your own brand/private label.

Beyond Four Seasons

Iran is not a four-seasoned country; IT IS BEYOND THAT. Considering the winter season, northern areas of Iran experience a cold frosty weather–which makes it quite impossible for beekeepers to advance as efficiently as possible. This is while the weather in southern areas of Iran–on the very same day–is alluringly warm and pleasant which enables beekeepers of such areas to harvest Sidr honey. We, people of such astonishing country, have always been thankful for this great blessing.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create a healthy global community by producing a high-quality and natural honey with no additives.

We believe that natural and organic honey is a sacred and healing product, and it is the share of all people in the world


1. We take pride in our brand, products, and company team who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and relentless in delivering superior value and excellence to our customers and business partners.
2. We take on challenges with a willingness to keep us engaged in fulfilling our goals, objectives and in achieving our vision.


1. Working together, all employees/stakeholders are important to our business success; as we are accountable for achieving common goals regardless of direct or indirect benefits resulting from each individual’s efforts.
2. We value teamwork with each person building relationships where we cherish shared experiences, celebrate achievement,s and appreciate one another.


1. We are proud of our solid reputation.
2. We build trust, keep promises, show commitment, are honest, and maintain our ethical standards.


We constantly seek improvement in all aspects of our company to create growth through new products, technologies, and processes to outcompete our industry rivals.

Quality & Food Safety

As part of our responsibility and commitments, we design safety and sustainability into our products and manufacturing processes. We have mandatory policies and standards in place to ensure that we meet these commitments. Our mission is to achieve zero product quality incidents shortly through the application of World Class Manufacturing.

Research & Development

The need to develop or improve products and production processes met by R&D function our R&D team has adopted a dynamic strategy to keep pace with these rapidly changing opportunities and challenges, whether it’s about packaging, convenience, or food safety.

Customer Care

We appreciate your feedback.In case of any questions, price inquiry, samples or whatever you may need from us feel free to contact us 7/24 a whole team is at your disposal.

Carton Making Facilities

We can supply all our customers with their desired cartons, printing any specific info on them (Name, Address, Logo) according to the customers’ needs.

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